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(H2D) High temperature Digester

As a result of reduction and thermophilic digestion method of surplus sludge and organic waste water of high concentration by aerobic and anaerobic combined digestion tank of H2D method, dwell time is shortened by about 50% compared with medium-temperature anaerobic digestion, reducing the volume of a digestion tank to half. By allowing digestion efficiency also to greatly increase accordingly, initial equipment investment cost was sharply reduced, producing effects of shortening operation time and greatly reducing operation cost and maintenance/management cost.
Anaerobic digester
Floatation thickener
Aerobic Oxidation Circulation Pump
air blower
Circulation pump
Aerobic oxidation tank
Gas dissolving device
Increase of digestion efficiency
Reduction of dwell time
Reduction of initial equipment investment cost
Reduction of operation cost and maintenance/management cost

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