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Pressurized floating device

Removal of SS in sewage and waste water treatment plants
Equipment for capture and removal in the upper part when the SS floats after being combined with fine bubbles with the air flown into the tank after pressurization and dissolution in water followed by generation of the fine bubbles
It is a compact treatment apparatus with the installation space reduced to the minimum.
High treatment efficiency due to generation of fine bubbles
It has stable treatment performance despite application of impact loads.
Separate flocculation tank not required due to the use of pipe flocculation apparatus.
No concerns for corrosion due to the use of completely stainless steel materials.
Easy installation on the field since it is completely assembled in the plant.
High-concentration processes are made easy by removal apparatus for buoyant sludge of count current method. (Moisture content in the buoyant sludge: Less than 95%)
Energy consumption is small foe being an appropriate mixing system for air and water .

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