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Non-metallic sludge collector

Collected sludge in hopper collected in sedimentation basin
? Collector chain
? Drive chain
? Head shaft
? Idle shaft
? FRP flight
? Attachment
? Collector sprocket
? Driven sprocket
? Drive unit and drive sprocket
? Return rail
? Wall bracket
? Wear strip
? Return Shoe
? Corner shaft
? Launches

Apparatus that is installed in sedimentation basin to collect settled sludge in the hopper
Used load 2,000kg (pintle/loop type)
Rupture strength 4,000kg (pintle type)/10,000kg (loop type)
Major parts composed of non-metal
TAKE-UP apparatus for adjustment of chain tension not required
Almost no shrinkage, wear, etc. due to characteristics of the parts
Easy disassembly and assembly of the chain (3EA in the number of parts)
Elaborate product due to 3D design and application of a simulation program
Energy saving due to weight lightening
No chain skip phenomenon
Only teeth parts of sprocket replaceable (Effect of reduced maintenance and repair)
Supply of multi-layer structure for sludge collector possible (Area minimized)
? Collector chain
The collector chain of the Tasset can be supplied in two types, pin-frame type and loop type. The pin frame type is a monolithic mold type, using polyamide reinforced resin as raw material and boasts the world's highest tensile strength of 4000kg or more and guarantees a working load of 2,000kg. The loop type is made of FRP material and has a tensile strength of 10,000kg or more. Both of the chains are structurally robust engineering plastic material, so there is no corrosion problem and it is easy to assemble.
? Head shaft
The head shaft is made of stainless steel and has no corrosion problem. It has superior torsional strength and stable structure compared to split type nonmetal shaft. It is supported by self-aligning oilless bearing and is very easy to install. The bearing of the shaft is separated from the wall fixing part and the replacement of the bearing is very easy.
? FRP flight

FRP materials are selected and installed according to the operating conditions in the field.
There are both channel type and sigma type flights, and each type is classified into several sizes
It is selected according to the operating conditions of the site. A flight of up to 12 m wide that can cover the sediment
Production is possible.
? Idle shaft
The axle and wheel are made of stainless steel and the tooth part is split type. It is excellent for replacement and maintenance using engineering plastic. UHMW-PE sleeve bearings eliminate the need for lubrication oil supply and replace bearings. It is a type that fixes and fixes three fixed anchors. Its structure is robust and installation is easy.
? Driven, Colacator, Adidas Scraper
Split-type sprockets made of stainless steel and engineering plastic are very easy to maintain and are very economical to replace. The collector and idler sprocket, except for the driven sprocket, are dual life type pitch type. They have twice the life span of general sprocket and can be re-assembled by rotating the direction of the teeth. Way.
? Wear shoe
It can be used as reinforced polyamide resin or pulley urethane material depending on field operating conditions. All wigs can be used again after one side is worn out. It has high abrasion resistance and low friction with rails, so it can be used for a long time. In the case of a return shoe, a guide is attached to prevent deviation from the return rail to help stable operation.
? wear strip
The UHMW-PE wear strip has the minimum coefficient of friction with the wear shoe. By minimizing the friction force with the wear shoe to reduce the working load, the power consumption of the driving part is minimized and the life of the chain and the wear shoe is extended.

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