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Solid and mixtures treatment system Grit remover

Micro neck drum screen for MBR

By removing various fine floating impurities flown into sewage, waste water treatment plant, separation membrane as the rear- end equipment is protected.

Main Application
? Pre-treatment of MBR system
?Pre-treatment of sewage and wastewater treatment plant (0.75~3mm size debris can be separated)



? Motor & Reducer
? Drum Screen
? Base support
? Debris Hopper
? Debris Discharge Screw Conveyor
? Inclined Shaft Screw
? Dewatering Section
? Screen Washing Jet Nozzle

? Improvement of treatment efficiency through the prevention system for screen blocking
As the effect of pounding mesh net occurs by pressure variation produced as air bubbles supplied together with washing water burst by colliding with fine mesh net, impurities drop out more easily, enabling constant processing of target flux.
? Reduction of moisture contents in discharged impurities
Dehydration efficiency is better as compared with cone compression method by impurities. (Moisture content in impurity less than 80%)
Convenient maintenance & management
? Convenient maintenance & management
Since it is configured as 4 split structure, partial replacement is possible upon screen damage, allowing reduction in replacement costs and convenient replacement.
(0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm mesh net, perforated net, wedge bar used)

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