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Solid and mixtures treatment system Grit remover

Sand and impurities are removed by installation at influent channel for drain pump plant, relay pump plant, sewage, waste water treatment plant, etc.
? Grab Rake Screen: Since the gap between chain and screen plate is controlled depending on the impurity size as a structure with no sprocket and shaft in the lower part, not only fine impurities but also coarse impurities such as wood, tire, etc. can be transported or exported, without concerns for breakdowns caused by coarse impurities.
? Rotary Drum Screen: As the cylindrical screen of wedge bar type has a wider effective area than planar wedge bar screen, treatment of large fluxes is possible, and the wedge-type screen has a reverse triangle shape characterized by easy removal of impurities. For washing method, brush and washing water is used from outside of the screen, and impurities are collected by th hopper inside for dehydration and discharge using the discharge screw conveyor, without requiring a separate impurity dehydrator.
? Spiral Grit Remover: Powerless swirl-flow sediment remover has a structure for separating the sand included in the unprocessed water by sedimentation according to swirl flow and lifting for removal by the screw conveyor. In addition, scum and oil collected in the center are discharged through the scum discharge pipe installed on the center water surface, with the structure allowing periodic discharge by the automatic valve installed in the discharge pipe for discharge method.
? MBR Plant: When the unprocessed water is flown into the drum screen for MBR installed with inclination, the impurities are filtered by the rotating mesh-net screen. Impurities attached to inside of the cylindrical mesh screen are collected to the hopper by washing water, transferred to the upper part by the transfer screw for dehydration and discharge. As the mesh-net screen has 4 split structures, there are advantages of reducing replacement costs and convenient replacement upon net damages. washing method involves dual washing by air bubbles and high-pressure washing water with a high washing efficiency.

? When Grab Rake Screen is applied
- When removal of fine impurities is not required (relay pump plant, etc.)
? When Rotary Drum Screen is applied
- When coarse impurities have been removed earlier (sewage treatment plant, etc.)
? When Grab Rake Screen & Rotary Drum Screen is applied
- When coarse impurities and fine impurities are removed simultaneously
? When MBR Plant is applied
- When ultrafine drum screen for protection of MBR is applied

? Grab Rake Screen: It has no sprocket and shaft at the bottom, so the distance between the chain and screen plate is adjusted according to the size of the obstruction. Therefore, not only fine contaminants but also crude contaminants such as wood and tires can be transported and unloaded. none.
? Rotary Drum Screen:The wedge bar type cylindrical screen has a larger effective area than the flat wedge bar screen and can handle a large amount of flow. The wedge type screen has an inverted triangular shape to easily remove contaminants. The cleaning method is to clean the outside of the screen by using a brush and washing water, collect the impurities with the inner hopper, and discharge it to the discharge screw conveyor, so that no separate debris dehydrator is required.
? Spiral Grit Remover: The non-powered swirl-type deslagator has a structure in which the sand contained in the raw water is sedimented by a swirl flow, and is lifted off by a screw conveyor. Also, the scum and oil collected at the center are discharged through the scum discharge pipe installed at the central water surface, and the discharge method has a structure capable of periodically discharging by the automatic valve installed in the discharge pipe.
? MBR Plant:When the raw water is introduced into the drum screen for the inclined MBR, the rotating mesh screen screen is filtered. The contaminants adhered to the inside of the cylindrical mesh screen are collected by the hopper by the washing water, and are transported and dewatered upward by the transport screw and discharged. Mesh network screen has 4 partition structure, which is convenient to reduce replacement cost and easy replacement when network breakage occurs. The cleaning method is double cleaning by air bubble and high pressure washing water, and the cleaning efficiency is high.
? Grab Rake ScreenWhen applied
- If no removal of fine contaminants is required (eg, a relay pump station)
? Rotary Drum Screen When applied
- Removal of coarse grains in front (sewage treatment plant, etc.)
? Grab Rake Screen & Rotary Drum Screen When applied
- Simultaneous removal of coarse and fine particles
? MBR PlantWhen applied
- When applying ultra-fine drum screen for MBR protection

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